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Industrial Drying Ovens SPP series are intended for drying and thermal processing of a large volume of raw materials. As an example: the drying oven for pharmaceutical performance. A stable temperature inside the chamber volume is maintained due to the powerful forced air convection.. Line of standard models includes ovens with the volume of the working chamber in the range from 0,7m3 to 10m3, but we can made industrial ovens in the other sizes under the individual customer order.

In order to install a sterilizers or a drying equipment in clean rooms (zones), we make an ovens with a two sided loading. Ovens can be equipped by the transmission type trolleys for easier loading on shelves and pulling out..

Oven material:
The oven chamber and shelves, which have direct contact with the working object, made of stainless steel AISI 304. The outer casing of the cabinet is made of steel with polyester powder dye.

Oven Model


Internal volume, l


Oven width, mm 


Oven debth, mm


Oven height, mm


Chamber width, mm


Chamber debth, mm


Chamber height, mm


Temperature characteristics

Minimum of controlled temperature,°С

ambient air +5°С

Maximal temperature,°С


Maximum difference of temperature in chamber volume, °С


Time requed to heat to 85°С, min


Time requed to heat to 120°С, min


Time requed to heat to 160°С, min


The maximum time of the timer programming

1-5 programm - up to  999 min.

6 programm -  up to 999 hours.

Power consumption, W


Power supply, V


Weight, kG


Технический паспорт



Manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications of products without prior notice. The exterior of products may vary from the images shown at this  the site. The final product characteristics will be noted in the specification to the supply agreement. The above information is provided at the website for informational purposes only and does not constitute as a public contract..

 - thermal processing of any moist powder product;
 - drying of a large number of glassware and other laboratory accessories;
 - long-time tests of the thermal stability of samples;
 - sample preparation in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
 - drying of fruits, electronic boards, also any products, made from metal, wood, plastics, polymers.

 - accommodating chamber with a plurality of shelves and trays (~50 pcs.);
 - instantaneous and uniform heating of the drying chamber, through convection heating method;
 - high accuracy microprocessor PID controller with LCD display, allows you to store up to 6 programs;
 - digital temperature setting with an accuracy of one degree;
 - built-in software timer up to 999 hours;
 - equipment is protected against overheating;
 - high-quality insulation of the working chamber;
 - reliable closing of doors, with the door locking mechanism and existence of heat-resistant door seals;
 - availability of special windows for visual monitoring during the process;
 - warranty and company service.

 - интерфейс для подключения к компьютеру и управления работой шкафа;
 - комплектация специальными поддонами и полками;
 - смотровое стекло из термостойкого стекла;
 - возможность производства нестандартных шкафов или шкафов специального назначения;
 - подставка для шкафа стационарная или на колесиках.