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Manufacture of dry-ovens, incubators and sterilizers

Products of UOSlab® brand are combining a wide range of dry-ovens (dry-ovens, vacuum dry-ovens, medical sterilisers, industrial dryers) designed for drying and sterilization of instruments and devices laboratory and other purposes.

UOSlab® equipment has already established the reputation as a modern, high-quality, reliable and durable models of laboratory drying ovens!

Dry-ovens and sterilizers have all necessary medical registration, which allows domestic and foreign clinics use the technique of our brand in their institutions. While Purchasing UOSlab® equipment of the factory "Riva-Stal" production — you get a reliable, proven hardware, certified according to ISO 9001 quality system, which is constantly being improved and correspond maximum to European standards of quality and of course the needs of laboratory equipment customers

UOSlab® company offers the optimal ratio "price - quality" in the laboratory equipment, so the offered products successfully acquire by leading pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and laboratory complexes of Ukraine.

UOSLAB® equipment means:

— optimal price with high quality;
— fast delivery in any region of Europe and Ukraine;
— warranty period — 18 months and subsequent service;
— discount system;
— the ability to produce unique equipment by the customer order.